48: Ill-Fitting Book Jacket

February 13, 2017

Toni’s on a 30-day social media hiatus, which is our starting point for a discussion of the intentional consumption and sharing of news and content. Ask yourself: “Is what I’m sharing furthering my priorities? Is it useful?” And “How do you know which hill to die on?”

Mike and Toni share their favorite daily and weekly news sources among the shock and awe of American life in 2017 (see show notes below).

Here’s our recipe for fighting overload and prioritizing your own thoughts instead of others’ when you’re “emotionally porous.”

  • Turn off the fire hose
  • Firewall higher quality sources of information
  • Consume them intentionally
  • Take action accordingly

What about you? How do you manage the media onslaught? What are your go-to resources?

Show notes:


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One comment on “48: Ill-Fitting Book Jacket

  1. Bruce Feb 13, 2017

    “Not soaking in other peoples’ stuff before you get to your stuff.”

    Great episode, friends! Others’ access to us, and this notion of constant immediacy is such a struggle. So much of life is now taking back some of our own time … time is a bigger currency than I think we realize or appreciate.

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